IT Strategy

IT Assessment and Roadmap

Ensures that IT investment and focus are aligned with business priorities

The IT Roadmap is designed to improve IT service in areas most important to the business. We utilize our proprietary assessment framework to quickly gain insight into IT performance and capabilities. With that information, we then develop a set of prioritized initiatives that will address the most critical issues first, and quickly help IT improve their performance and contribution to the business. The IT Roadmap establishes a framework for IT that ensures alignment with business objectives. The IT Roadmap and Assessment is:

  • An objective 3rd party assessment by senior level IT level consultants.
  • A collaborative process that includes IT and key business stakeholders.
  • A proven and efficient process that utilizes proprietary tools, templates, and processes.
  • A comprehensive evaluation of all aspects within the scope of IT.

Business Services Catalog

Creating service clarity and cost transparency

A Business Services Catalog establishes clear and shared expectations across the organization in regard to the services provided by IT. The clarity and transparency provided by the Business Services Catalog enables our clients to do the following:

  • Make informed decisions around IT service and cost.
  • Ensure that every asset in the IT budge is allocated t to enable services that are valued by the business.
  • Foster IT Teams that perform exceptionally.
  • Align IT services with business priorities.
  • Invest in IT initiatives that are strategic to the business.
  • Uniquely and effectively demonstrate IT’s contribution to the business.
  • Accurately calculate IT chargeback or showback.
  • Identify opportunities to reduce cost or re-purpose IT investment.
  • Compare service levels and costs to the market.

Executive Development

Cultivating exceptional leadership skills

Farr Group offers a proprietary Executive Development Program and individual coaching to help senior leaders refine and enhance their skills. Our decades of IT leadership experience allow us to help you and your team:

    • Develop practical strategies.
    • More effectively apply IT toward the organization’s business goals.
    • Demonstrate and communicate IT’s value to the rest of the organization.
    • Provide leadership by consistently achieving great results.
    • Govern IT initiatives more effectively.
    • Build momenentum and credibility by consistently achieving great results.

Additional Strategic Service Offerings

  • Interim or Fractional CIO
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Management
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Sourcing Strategy
  • Cloud Strategy
  • Shared Service Strategy